Which industry use AGV most?

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In short, it is widely used in manufacture, storage and transportation industry.

Assembly type AGV is used in the assembly line, combining with the assembly process to realize the operation requirements, such as moving and positioning of the workpiece, and is most widely used in automobile manufacture and assembly.

Traction AGV does not carry or partially carry the weight of the processed objects, it only provides traction for the processed objects, generally there are dragging AGV and diving AGV, which are most widely used in the transportation of materials and semi-finished products.

AGV was first used in the warehousing industry, and rapid developed in the field of automobile production. It is now widely used in automobile, home appliances, electronics, tobacco, clothing and textile, medicine, food, chemical, power, port, e-commerce warehousing and other industries. From the sales performance of AGC, the use of automotive industry accounted for more than 60% , household appliances manufacturing industry accounted for about 25% . In addition, it is the rapid development of logistics intelligence in e-commerce express industry, which drives the rise of intelligent transportation robot of AGV.

Magnetic guided AGV is the most common guiding method, and its technology is comparatively mature. The application of laser guided AGV is growing quickly, because laser guided AGV without reflective plate is more flexible and convenient than magnetic guided AGV, it is expected to surpass magnetic guided AGV to become more popular. Inertial guided AGV is the most widely used and the most promising AGV guidance technology in e-commerce. Composite guidance is the combination of multiple guidance technology to realize the perfect guidance of AGV.

Because each kind of guidance method has its limitation, you may combine the above guidance method in order to mmet your specific need.