Smart parking garage fuels the expansion of AGV industry

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The most important part of the intelligent parking garage is the parking robot, which is the AGV robot developed according to the intelligent parking demand. Through the use of AGV robot, the intelligent parking garage can realize many advantages compared with the traditional parking garage, which are more efficient, safer and more space-saving.

As we all know, AGV robot has been playing an important role in factories and docks since it was born, and the development of industrial automation has promoted the extensive application of AGV robot. With the rapid development of logistics automation and intelligent storage, AGV robot has been widely used in the field of logistics storage.

Now, the new role of the parking robot has opened a new window on the AGV robot industry. Although the intelligent parking garage is still in the initial stage of landing, the construction scale is still relatively small, but with the acceleration and popularization of “intelligent parking garage” , the market demand for AGV robots will continue to rise. And judging from the market reaction, there is a high interest in this new concept, the capital market is also quite positive.

Therefore, as the concept of intelligent parking garage comes to the public more quickly and gets more recognition in its application all over the world, the AGV robot market is expected to meet a new round of outbreak with the development trend of intelligent parking garage.