New product launched – SCOUT Mini with a max. running speed of 20km/h

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Brand-new intelligent mobile chassis SCOUT Mini belongs to SCOUT four-wheel differential chassis series, features four-wheel drive, independent suspension and in-place rotation with strong off-road performance and is only half the size of the previous SCOUT four-wheel differential chassis series.

Thanks to innovations in hub motor design, the SCOUT Mini has a breakthrough operating speed of 20 km/h, which means the SCOUT Mini can be used for all kinds of terrain and scenes, especially those that require high mobility for inspection, shooting and exploration.

The SCOUT Mini has hit the consumer market in the early stages of its life. It can be equipped with an Insta 360 camera or mobile phone by simply adding a bracket, making robotic photography easily accessible, becoming a new type of “black technology” equipment for photography enthusiasts to expand their shooting scenes and capture wonderful moments in the wild in the future.

With the introduction of the SCOUT Mini, the technology solution for business upgrading is ready for the whole industry, making it feasible to improve the efficiency of the industry and innovate the operation mode.