Meet the first generation of all-round robot chassis – SCOUT

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SCOUT series is a self-developed universal outdoor chassis for multi-purpose applications developed by the GM Robotics. It can also be understood as a multi-purpose, programmable industrial application of UGV.

On the one hand, the SCOUT is a robotic chassis with four wheel independent servo drives and double wishbone independent suspension, capable of climbing over 15cm obstacles, ramps, and free switching between indoor and outdoor scenes such as single doors and elevators.

The Scout, on the other hand, has a built-in control core that supports serial / standard CAN bus communication. Users can access to serial / standard CAN bus communication, and equip with a variety of external equipments, make it convenient for secondary development and the more advanced autopilot system access.

At present, the SCOUT has been used in a variety of applications, including patrol monitoring, teaching simulation, logistics, industrial applications, detection and exploration, agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry. It is not only able to navigate obstacles on slopes, and can be equipped with Lidar, GPS, IMUs and other external equipments. It’s much suitable for all kinds of harsh and harmful working environment, such as fields, factory areas, tunnels, disaster sites, etc.