What’s the main difference between SCOUT 2.0 and SCOUT Mini

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SCOUT Mini inherits the advantages of SCOUT four wheel differential chassis family, i.e. four wheel drive, independent suspension, in place rotation and so on, and has made innovation in the design of hub motor. The minimum turning radius of the chassis is 0m, and the climbing angle is close to 30 degrees. SCOUT Mini is still capable of excellent off road performance although it is only half of SCOUT in size. In addition, it has a breakthrough high speed, accurate, stable and controllable dynamic control sy stem up to 20km/h. The key differences between each are listed below:

SpecificationSCOUT 2.0SCOUT Mini
Dimension (L*W*H in mm)930x699x348627x550x252
Net weight (kg)6220
MotorDC brushless 4x200WDC brushless 4x150W
No load highest speed (m/s)≤1.5 (5.4km/h)≤5.5 (20km/h)
Power supplyVoltage range 23-29.2V, max.current 10AVoltage range 23-29.2V, max. current 5A

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