M2 disinfecting robot features short wave UVC ultraviolet lamp and disinfectant atomizer, widely used in restaurant, KTV, bar, especially in hospital during coronavirus. Up to now, M2 has been exported to USA for over 1000 sets up to now.

ModelM2 Disinfecting Robot
Disinfectant Capacity1.5L
Net Weight70kg
Max. Walking Speed1m/s
Max. Climbing Angle≤5°
Network InterfaceWiFi/4G/Bluetooth
Battery CapacityDC 48V, 15Ah
Rated Power90W
Standby Current≤0.5A
Battery Life8 hours continuous working
Standby Time≥48 hours
Operating Time20000 hours
Operating Temp. & Humidity0-45°C, RH: 5%-85%, no dust
Working EnvironmentIndoor environment, flat smooth ground
Charging MethodAutomatic/Manual Charging
Input VoltageCharging pile and adaptor input rated voltage 220V/50Hz
Storage Temp.-10°C-60°C



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