Of all the robot chassis of sterilizing, I choose this one

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“Disinfection” as an important part of epidemic prevention and control, virtually stimulated the outbreak of the disinfection robot market.

Compared with the traditional manual disinfection method, the robot can sterilize the environment automatically in multi-mode according to the actual situation, which is comprehensive, thorough and efficient. At the same time, it can reduce the staff burden and the possible threat of virus.

It’s common sense that, whether it’s a robot that sprays alcohol, or a robot that disinfects a variety of UV modules, in addition to the disinfection function, they also generally have one thing in common, that is, they all have the ability to move on their own, can move while disinfection.

GMROBOT, as a robot autonomous positioning and navigation service provider, provides not only SLAMWARE solutions, but also second develop supported universal robot platform – SCOUT series for different application scenarios, allows customers to quickly develop top-level applications regardless of robot platform.

Complete and mature solution

The Scout chassis offers a complete, reliable, sophisticated and easy-to-use solution for autonomous positioning and navigation, while incorporating sensor data from multiple sensors such as depth cameras, ultrasound, anti-drop, anti-collision, etc. With advanced navigation algorithms, SCOUT series support more flexible planning walking routes.

  • No human assistance required: fully autonomous intelligence, no additional manpower required;
  • Autonomous localization and navigation: using the SLAM technology, realize the autonomous mapping, localization, obstacle avoidance and navigation;
  • Super-large scene construction: built-in SLAM 3.0 technology to achieve super-large scene construction, to meet the use of large scenes;
  • Centimeter-level mapping precision: using SharpEdge technology, build centimeter-level map, improve navigation efficiency;
  • Virtual Wall virtual track: based on pure software, you can set the robot range of activities and travel routes.


The SCOUT series of universal chassis can be used in different scenarios. It has infinite possibilities in smart advertising, video conferencing, home companion, mobile information centers, and more.

Currently, the SCOUT series is well-stocked with stable deliveries. Let’s discuss your second development needs in detail.

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