Still using the out-of-date sorting technology? It’s high time to change!

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With the development of society, many countries are facing the aging of the labor force, industrial adjustment and the substantial increase in labor costs. In the future industrial field, many factories and workshops will face various difficulties. Many college students are reluctant to go to work in factories and workshops after graduation. So AGV intelligent robots were born.

We believe that many people have seen intelligent robots, storage robots, unmanned transport vehicles, intelligent packaging robots, and so on. With the advancement of technology, logistics and storage automation are constantly changing and improving, AGV robots also contribute to the logistics safety industry.

First, AGV storage robot can fully automatically operate a series of tedious industrial processes, freeing more labor costs from tedious mechanical events, and AGV storage robot can realize 24-hour uninterrupted work, which will greatly improve the overall production efficiency, but also save a lot of labor costs. It will become more common in the future.

Some people may ask, is this kind of AGV robot very expensive? Can the small and medium enterprises afford to do this? The answer is yes, the average AGV car price is about 5-200,000 RMB, and AGV manufacturers can also provide you with the best after-sales service.

With the introduction of AGV intelligent robot, the transportation and distribution efficiency of factories have been improved, not only improve the overall production efficiency, but the production cost has been saved. AGVs are deeply welcomed and loved by many manufacturers.

GM Robotic will continually upgrades its technology to make warehousing more intelligent.