U.S. AutoGuide introduces new autonomous mobile robots with 6.8 tons of traction

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On March 9, AutoGuide Massachusetts branch company unveiled the Max-N15 industrial autonomous mobile traction robot (AMR) , a modular product capable of hauling up to 15,000 pounds (6.8 tons) of cargo. The Max-N15 is a proprietary product from AutoGuide that is scalable, secure, and easy to deploy. On a Modular design basis, the universal chassis can be used for a variety of material handling tasks in manufacturing and warehouse through modular attachments. It can be used as a tractor or an overhead pallet loader.

Rob Sullivan, president and CEO of AutoGuide, said: “for companies that need to move their own cargo, the Max-N15 makes it safe and easy to move and haul heavy loads, greatly improving operational safety, saving valuable labor and creating more value. The advanced and flexible modular platform of the Max-N15 means that users no longer need to buy completely different systems for different applications. In fact, customers can modify one or more cars to fit their changing work environment. The forklift you use today can easily be converted into a tractor tomorrow. ”

The Max-N15 product extends AutoGuide’s high-level heavy industry series, which is easy to deploy and program, greatly improving product safety, reducing costs, and improving the efficiency of various material handling operations. The company’s Max-N10 tractor, Max-N10 palletizer and SURePath fleet management software have proven to be a simple way to route and coordinate automated pallet lifting and transportation, and manage the aflow to optimize the customer’s material transportation. It it first used in the warehouses of leading manufacturers such as Pactiv (a supermarket) , Ford (a car company) and Husqvarna (an outdoor goods manufacturer) .

Sullivan added: “The Max-N15 autonomous mobile robot’s modular architecture enables customers to evaluate new accessory designs at low cost and to select the accessory that best meets a specific need. Like our other low-load robots, the Max-N15 is not a mod. It is a robot that has been modified from the beginning, designed to move from the first piece of steel to the last screw. This ensures that our customers get the safest, fastest and most reliable high-load AMR. ”