GM Robotics Disinfection robots greatly help to fight Corona virus

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Disinfection robot is specially developed for indoor and outdoor large-scale disinfection operations. It has the characteristics of low noise, no need of fuel, adjustable spray flow and remote control, suitable for all kinds of strong oxidation disinfectant. Its spray particles are less than 150 microns, the effective deposition of droplets can package and inactivate the virus, thus effectively blocking the further spread of the virus.

The disinfection robot is not only better at disinfection than the traditional means, but also greatly improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention. With Limited Manpower and Supplies, we are very concerned about the efficacy of disinfection and epidemic prevention. Robots are now our very capable and intelligent volunteers, helping us in many places. “

In the case of limited manpower and supplies, for disinfection effect and epidemic prevention efficiency, we all attach great importance to the robot. Robots are now our very capable and intelligent volunteers.

At present, the disinfection robot has been applied in China mainland, Taiwan, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and so on. Prior to this, GM Robotics also donated a disinfection robot to the Italian Pisa Hospital and its joint medical robot laboratory, making a positive contribution to the