Difference between 75% alcohol and 95% alcohol

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Between 70% and 75% alcohol is used for sterilization and 95% alcohol is used for cleaning ultraviolet lamps.

As far as sterilization is concerned, 95% alcohol is no better. Alcohol with a volume fraction of 70-75% has a disinfecting effect. Alcohol kills microorganisms in three main ways:
1, penetrate into the microbial body, grab the water protein, so that the protein inactivation

  1. Break the Peptide bonds of proteins
  2. bacteriolysis theoretically, the higher the concentration of alcohol, the greater the permeability and water absorption, and therefore the greater the ability to sterilize.

When alcohol acts on microorganisms, osmosis and water absorption occur at the same time. If the alcohol concentration is too high, the alcohol will quickly dehydrate the protein on the surface of the microorganism before it penetrates the organism, forming a strong protein protective layer and preventing further alcohol penetration. This actually protects the microbes. Therefore, high concentration of alcohol germicidal effect is poor.

After a long period of practice, scientists have come to the conclusion that 70-75% alcohol has the best germicidal efficacy.

In addition, alcohol can not kill bacterial spores, hepatitis virus, so only do general disinfectant use, and can not achieve sterilization standards.

Fortunately, for the new coronavirus, alcohol is useful. It can be used to clean and disinfect the surface of the Utensil and the ground.